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Infant Massage
Infant Massage

Infant Massage

Massage connects you to your baby. Strengthen your bond and deepen your understanding of your baby through massage. In every massage class you will learn techniques that help soothe discomfort, enhance sleep, and improve immune function. Through their sense of touch babies learn about their world. Massage promotes physical and emotional development and over all well-being. Research supports that regularly massaged babies are more relaxed, acquire mental and motor skills earlier and gain weight faster than non-massaged babies.

Suggested ages: 4weeks-6mo (or crawling)
Bring a blanket to lay your baby on; oil will be provided. Price is per family.

"Alice created a welcoming and calm environment and led us through the massage with a sense of humor, which is absolutely required when working with sleep deprived parents and young babies!  I really enjoyed the classes and learning another way to connect with my baby through touch."

Alice Ambrose

Alice has been working to help people feel better in their bodies for over 10 years. Before becoming a massage therapist and doula, she worked providing community access to, and caring for people with disabilities and mental illness. She is a mother, gardener, traveler and studies herbal medicine in her spare time. She is dedicated to her career supporting women, families, and babies as they grow into their new roles together. She is passionate about giving families the best start possible through connection, support, and touch.

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Please note, all classes are held at Kumon Learning Center located a 2 minute walk from Village Maternity.


Please email with any questions, to be added to the wait list for full classes, or to inquire about our scholarship opportunities.


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