100% Cotton Muslin Sleeping Bag

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Impossible for little legs to kick off, our cotton muslin baby sleeping bag keeps baby feeling comfy and secure when transitioning out of a swaddle and beyond. Designed to be worn over pajamas, our light baby sleeping bag eliminates the need for loose blankets in the crib for a safer sleep. Made from a single layer of breathable cotton muslin, the wearable blanket allows for airflow, helping to reduce the risk of baby overheating for a peaceful night sleep for baby and you. Its convenient zipper opens from the bottom, making nighttime changes easy.

  • Made from a single layer of 100% cotton muslin
  • Light 1.0 TOG: Perfect for warmer room temperatures (72-80 degrees)  
  • conveniently zips open from the bottom
  • designed to be worn over pajamas
  • machine washable: stays soft wash after wash

“when should i stop swaddling my baby?” it is perhaps one of the most frequently asked swaddling questions new parents pose to experts and send into the blogosphere. the most frequently cited answer: “the baby will let you know.”

“most babies will tell you when they don’t want to be swaddled anymore,”
 says bradley t. thach, m.d., professor of pediatrics, newborn medicine at washington university school of medicine. when they are older, stronger, or feel more comfortable outside of the swaddle, they will likely put up a terrible fuss or simply fight their way out of the swaddle and be content to sleep unbundled. when my little houdinis began wriggling out of their swaddle blankets, i switched to sleeping bags. the bags allowed the girls to feel secure and sleep through the night, whilst eliminating the risk of having lose blankets in the cot.

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