Abdominal Separation Repair

Abdominal Separation Repair: Healing Your Diastasis
After delivery, most new mothers have some level of abdominal separation. Closing this separation is important to prevent pain in your low back, hips and pelvis. This class will teach you about abdominal separations, how to heal if you have one, what is preventing it from closing and what exercises to avoid.

Praise for Hilary:

"I was amazed at how quickly I felt results and relieved to find that I no longer had to live with pain. "

“Hilary was wonderful. I highly recommend her to any pregnant or postpartum woman!”

Hilary Pentz

Hilary Pentz, DPT OCS OMT FAAOMPT is a physical therapist and owner/founder of Seattle Healing Moms, a company that provides prenatal and postnatal workshops on how to: prevent common injuries during pregnancy, care for newborns without injuring yourself, and heal fully after giving birth. She specializes in manual therapy, orthopedics, and women's health.



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