Eco Friendly Hand knit Doll | 18"

Blabla Kids


Webster the Duck
Lucille the Duck
Figaro the Bird
Lionel the Lion
Zig Zag
Wooly the Sheep
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The blablas were first created by Florence Wetterwald in 2001. They are made with ancient skills, yet feel contemporary. They have been featured in many movies and magazines and are recognized in many parts of the world.

These cuddle-ready, endless fun dolls are knitted patiently by very skilled artisans, one stitch at a time, one day at a time, making each one unique. Respectful to the environment, they are made by hand from 100% natural cotton fibers. For every doll sold, one tree is planted. All dolls have been tested to meet the United States and European safety requirements and yarn has been additionally certified to be safe and non-toxic.

Designed in the US | Handmade in Peru

Regular 18"

Splash the Cat: Splash likes water but in a cup. She makes sailboats out of the paper after she's finished the crossword puzzles.

Pablo the Longhorn: Pablo is a warm hearted exuberant long horn, a serious star gazer, and a dapper dresser. He loves to run across the plains at night. 

Webster the Duck: Webster is a clever duck who likes books and botany. He can read in between the lines and quacks the very best jokes.

Lucile the Duck: Lucille is a sweet and silly duckling with a bubbly personality. She paddles fast but waddles slowly and is always up for a good laugh. She prefers her quakers with milk.

Iggy the Dinosaur: Iggy is a charismatic green dinosaur. He likes to make piles of rocks but becomes easily distracted.

Yoyo the Monkey: Yoyo is a happy monkey with a silly laugh. He likes to bounce up and down and wrap his tail around his friends. He is a little bananas. 

Socks the Fox: Socks is writer for a local newspaper, a dreamer and an airplane enthusiast. He has beautiful handwriting.