Developing a Parenting Plan

Create your parenting plan with Sproutable! Decorating the nursery, getting the baby gear, and making a birth plan might already be on your list, but have you thought about how you will actually raise your baby? Join Sproutable Co-Founder Julietta Skoog to create a confident parenting plan. By thinking about who you want your child to be when they are 25, Julietta will give you the Positive Discipline foundation and compass to get there. All parents, regardless of their own upbringing, have the potential to be remarkable parents, who raise remarkable kids. We offer the science, the expert tools and the parent approved strategies to get you there. Join us for this inspiring and motivating workshop!

Price is per person.

Praise for Julietta:

"You are a terrific teacher and really inspired me with your enthusiastic and focused approach to the material. I learned so much, and truly feel rejuvenated about parenting my little one."

"My husband and I are more intentional in our in-the-moment parenting decisions - and have a shared vocabulary to discuss issues and conundrums."

Julietta Skoog

Julietta is a Certified Positive Discipline Advanced Trainer with an Ed.S Degree in School Psychology and a Masters Degree in School Counseling from Seattle University. As a school psychologist and counselor with Seattle Public Schools since 2005, her trauma informed expertise includes early child development, autism, learning disabilities, anxiety, and behavior disorders, as well as leading friendship groups, classroom lessons, parent education and teacher trainings based on Positive Discipline, Social Thinking and Mindfulness. Her popular keynote speeches, classes and workshops in Seattle have been described as rejuvenating, motivating and inspiring. She co-founded Sproutable in 2016, for parents of children birth to five, who need support and tools to navigate the early years while growing remarkable kids. Sproutable recently launched their online Positive Discipline series for toddlers and preschoolers, with videos under five minutes that show these tools in action. Julietta has learned the most from her own three daughters, ages 9, 6 and 11 months.



Please note, most classes are held at Kumon Learning Center located a 2 minute walk from Village Maternity and right behind the Tesla dealership.


If your class meets at the Village Maternity store, that will be stated in your class description above.


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