Intro to Breastfeeding

Prepare to feed your baby! This class is about what happens moments after your baby’s birth and then gradually becomes the rhythm of your day. While breastfeeding is natural there is also a learning curve that we don’t talk about very often. Knowing the signs it is working gives parents confidence that they are able to feed their baby.

In this 2.5 hour class you will learn to recognize baby’s feeding cues, signs they are getting enough, tips to encourage a full milk supply, and how to get a good latch. We also cover questions parents have about pumping, safe bottle feeding, common challenges, and nutrition to support both parent and baby.

This class is for the nursing parent and the support person of their choice. Spouses or partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Price is per couple.

Praise for Catherine:

"Catherine was pivotal in getting us on track to having a wonderful nursing relationship. I absolutely recommend her!"

Catherine Fenner, IBCLC

Catherine first became interested in breastfeeding when she had her own children. Breastfeeding had been an accepted part of her childhood and she assumed she would nurse her babies someday too. What she didn’t expect were the challenges that came with it. Not everyone has a hard time breastfeeding, but for those that do, getting support from someone who cares, and is knowledgeable, can help get parents and baby back to normal, nurturing nursing.

In her experience of helping hundreds of families learn to breastfeed it seems there are bumps in the road no matter how prepared you are. It helps to take a class, learn the signs that your baby is getting enough, and when to ask for more help. But that won’t guarantee a bump-free nursing experience. Encircling yourself and your family with a network of support is also important. Questions do come up, situations you aren’t sure how to handle happen. Knowing when you need help, and who you will reach out to are both important.

Catherine served as a volunteer La Leche League Leader for 7 years. During that time, she decided to continue her education and become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Catherine is skilled in supporting nursing moms and babies through the medical aspect of breastfeeding and lactation, but also holds the relationship part of breastfeeding in equal importance. There are many ways to feed and nurture a baby. There is no one right way. Catherine enjoys working with new families as they learn to not only feed their baby, but also how to integrate this new person into their family. Her experiences have prepared her to support families at all stages of breastfeeding, from newborn all the way to weaning – at whatever age that might be.

Since 2011 much of her work has been teaching breastfeeding classes, facilitating groups, providing in-home and now, office consultations. She is excited to bring her experiences to Village Maternity, preparing families to breastfeed.



Please note, most classes are held at Kumon Learning Center located a 2 minute walk from Village Maternity and right behind the Tesla dealership.


If your class meets at the Village Maternity store, that will be stated in your class description above.


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