Lavender + Eucalyptus Hand Sanitizer

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This lavender hand sanitizer gives you the botanical benefits of Erbaviva, in two convenient sizes. The everyday lavender and eucalyptus sanitizer has a calm-inducing scent with the added benefit of killing most common germs, on your hands and on surfaces, with a botanical-based alcohol. we have also added glycerine and essential oils to moisturize while not damaging the skin. 

At 80% alcohol, this meets the FDA's minimum alcohol requirement for a hand sanitizer, whereas some on the market fall below that threshold. In convenient travel size that is easy to stow, yet packs a big punch, producing over 400 sprays.

To disinfect surfaces like a shopping cart or steering wheel, spray on and wipe off with a cloth. This liquid hand sanitizer is more convenient and less messy than conventional gels, and leaves your mind, body and spirit in a state of quiet calm.


 alcohol 80%, eucalyptus oil, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, lavender oil, purified water usp