Dream a little dream... A Simple Naptime Routine

Dream a little drea.. a simple naptime routine by Faith Skatrud, Certified Sleep Consultant  RN


Once babies get to about 3 months, we want to establish a predictable, simple naptime routine we can follow every day. Even if the nap times vary slightly, consistency will lead to a much happier and well-rested baby. With a great nap routine, it is much easier to go through a nap transition when your baby drops a nap later on. Here is a template of what an easy but effective nap time routine looks like, with some helpful products you can find at Village Maternity:


Step 1: Dim lights and reduce noise in the nursery.

Step 2: Check diaper and change if needed.

Step 3: Put on comfortable clothes/pajamas. Check out cute Magnetic Me pajamas and rompers that are a breeze to put on quickly.

Step 4: Put on a sleep sack (take a look at all of the color and material options for different climates and seasons).

Step 5: Read a calming book that is soothing or that rhymes, with simple/neutral pictures. Try titles they carry like “Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What do you See,” “Good Night Washington State,” and “Guess How Much I Love You

Step 6: Turn on a white noise machine -- consider the portable Frida white noise machine for travel. Then turn off lights. 

Step 7: Lay down in crib, and even sing a short lullaby if it helps your baby settle down for sleep. 


This simple routine prepares little ones to sleep well as they get comfortable, relaxed, and calm.  

Consistent nap times and bedtimes help baby’s body get into a healthy circadian rhythm, and fall asleep much more quickly and easily than when their schedule is unpredictable. As babies get into a good sleep pattern, their bodies will more naturally transition to need fewer but longer naps over time until the last nap of the day won’t fit in the afternoon anymore.


Faith Skatrud, Certified Sleep Consultant, RN. Cloud Sleep Co.



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