Dad Mode: 25 Ways to Connect with Your Children

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You’re going to be a dad!—words that don’t feel real until nine months later when the new baby arrives. You hold that small life in your arms for the first time, and BOOM, Dad Mode activated! All your feelings as a proud new dad coalesce into one astounding commitment: lifelong connection to your child. But how do you do this dad thing?

From author Tal Eyre, 
Dad Mode: 25 Ways to Connect with Your Children is the ultimate guidebook to jumpstarting Dad Mode and fostering an unbreakable connection with your child. Organized into bite-sized chapters, with action steps and a full-color illustration by Bernardo França for each way, this book makes connection easy for dads in a hurry. It covers topics from oxytocin and parenting styles to emotional intelligence and family culture, focusing on children ages 0–12. Everything you need to connect, reconnect, and remain connected for life is at the tips of your fingers!

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