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Mini Nylon Bag

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You're choosing you. This compact bag has a built-in wallet and just enough space for your essentials (plus a snack or wet wipes for them…if you’re into that kinda thing ;)

A bag designed for your essentials, the Mini is made with YOU in mind. Your style, your stuff, your peace of mind.
Functional ✔️ Simplified ✔️Perfectly Sized ✔️

• Dimensions: 8.25” x 4.75 x 2.75”(21cm x 12cm x 7cm)
• Belt measures: 33-49"

Made from recycled nylon

Recommend using a damp washcloth and dish soap to clean up non-staining soiled spots from the exterior and interior of your Kibou. Try not to submerge your changing pad in water as this can damage the fluff of the foam inside.

Cleaning up a more intense mess? You can use disinfecting wipes gently over the soiled areas. We recommend not using heavy disinfecting chemicals or harsh abrasive wipes frequently as it can damage the unique properties that protect your vegan leather from day-to-day wear and tear. Be gentle with your Kibou when cleaning to get the most life out of your bag.