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Suavinex Zerø.Zerø™ Newborn Starter Set

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Say hello to the Zerø.Zerø™ bottle and pacifier set, the revolutionary best-selling baby bottle and pacifier from Spain! Whether you're breastfeeding, supplementing with formula or mixed-feeding, this bottle is for you. Designed for your little one’s first feeding experiences, this bottle was specifically crafted for newborns to most closely resemble natural breastfeeding and work for you no matter what.

Sometimes, nursing journeys take unexpected turns, but with Zerø.Zerø™, you'll always be prepared. Our unique asymmetrical nipple, off-center vent, collapsing silicone bag and adaptable flow expertly mimics the natural function of mammary glands, so you can easily switch between breast and bottle without nipple confusion or bottle rejection. Plus, the bottle’s breastfeeding-like consistency means you can always return to the breast if desired.

We believe every family should have options when it comes to feeding their little one, which is why our bottle is designed to suit every preference. Zerø.Zerø™ stands for zero colic and zero nipple confusion, making it the perfect bottle for a worry-free feeding experience, no matter which route you take. Whether you're exclusively breastfeeding, supplementing with formula, or doing a bit of both, the Zerø.Zerø™ bottle is your new best friend.

Available as a set, you can say goodbye to the hassle of finding the perfect bottle and pacifier combination for your child. With a shared shape, shade and feel between bottle and pacifier, this seamless system is designed to work together to streamline your feeding experience.

Included: 1x 6oz Zerø.Zerø™ Small Bottle with Adaptable Flow Asymmetrical Nipple (0m+) and 1x Zero.Zero™ Silicone Pacifier (-2-2m)

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