Maternity + Nursing Bra Fit Guide


“I didn’t know that I needed a new bra until I tried one on!”

What size should I buy?

General rule of thumb suggest you start by adding one rib cage and one cup size to your pre-pregnancy fit. For example, if you were a 36 C, start by trying a 38 D.

Try out our guide to see how you measure up >>

Towards the end of your pregnancy, and right after birth your cup size will fluctuate quite a bit. We recommend trying one of these bras that is sized S-M-L to accommodate this growth (and shrinkage). 

You know your bra is too big if:

  • Your breasts slip out the bottom of the band.

  • The bra band rides up in back.

  • The bra cups wrinkle.

  • The straps slip off the shoulders on the tightest setting.

Your bra is too small if:

  • There are mounds of breast poking out the sides or over the top of the cup.

  • The bra “pokes” you anywhere.

  • The center rides up and doesn’t lie flat.

What kind of bra should I buy?

This depends on the level of comfort you're looking for and your unique lifestyle. Here are some of our suggestions based on possible categories:

How to measure yourself at home:

Step 1: Rib Band Measurement

First take a measurement above your breasts, just under the armpits. Make sure the tape stays parallel to the floor, checking the back with a mirror (or a helper!). The tape should fit snuggly around your body without any gaps. Take note of the measurement and round to the nearest even number (34, 36, etc). This will be your rib cage size.

Step 2: Cup Size Measurement

Next, move the tape down to the fullest part of your bust, just over the nipples. It's easiest to measure yourself in your best fitting bra to find this axis point. For a more accurate cup measurement, press the tape between your breasts with one hand so that it touches your chest. Make note of this measurement, rounding up to the nearest full inch.

Step 3: Do The Math

Lastly, subtract the rib cage measurement from the cup size measurement. The difference in inches represents your letter cup size (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D).